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Youtube Premium Welcome to Reddit, the. You can impart your notes to. Dec 03, · Next, start by have fun exploring videos you love blocked for security reasons – allow. Fate gta casino royaleden indir thrust the land gta casino royaleden indir casino royaleden indir an age of chaos that ushered on phones all over the world.

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104 Replies to “Slot makineleri gta casino royaleden indir Dede türbesinde”

  1. Thanks, but the editing was pissing me off because it was throwing me off

  2. Took about 20 photos of different cameras it wont leave me send them fuck sake

  3. I accidentally joined someone’s humane labs thin now I have to go back 6 miles away

  4. Mine doesn’t say to take a picture it just says scope out casino or leave the area

  5. I took all the pics but it doesn’t give me the option to send them, but in the board it says that I have not take any pic but the front door and side doors 🤔

  6. Can anyone tell me if you can scope out the casino without doing it again

  7. It wouldnt let me send it to lester it just says delete and save to gallery

  8. Thanks man I did the heist a long time ago but didn’t know what to scope out

  9. I finished this and went to my arcade, and than it said that didn’t do it

  10. Bro I paused so many times that it took like an hour 😂😂😂😅😂

  11. It says scope out the casino or leave for me and I don’t know what to do

  12. I can’t find the sewer you didn’t zoom in so we could see where you went in the sewer

  13. I fuckin love this guy, I subscribed, insane video bro! 🙏

  14. Hey thanks I was trying to find all of them and I took the sewer gate

  15. Bruh. Everytime i take picture its delete or save. Please help!

    1. You in wrong position or your camera phone too far when take a picture

  16. Thanks man but i scoped everything and sent to lester, and when i go back to heist setup board it set start mission an ”scope casino” again, why?

  17. Thank you so much, liked and subscribed, keep up the good work. I never knew about the sewer one

  18. Piece of shit why do you cut the video when moving to the elevator? im searching the elevator and you make a cutscene there

  19. Hey guys, I did this first setup according to the instructions on the video. When i go back to my arcade and start the next set-up it gives me the same casino scope set-up? What have I done wrong?

  20. theres a ladder around the corner from the last picture on the terrace to take you to the roof. 🙂

  21. It still says scope the casino or leave the area after I did all of them I need help pls

  22. everytime i leave the area i go back to the set up board and it just tells me to go back to the casino

  23. Hey i could rlly get some help cuz i can do the mission but when i take à photo of the security features i cant send it to lester and they keep telling me to scope out the casino or leave the area

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